When Will Online Gambling be Allowed in the US

By : |January 30, 2015|World Gaming News

Although there are some forms of online gambling, such as lotto, allowed in many states around the US, there is still a lot of red tape to get through before online casinos are allowed to be operated and played at within the US. Some states are closer to others for allowing them to open, but there is still quite a way to go before there will be any official opening. The demand is certainly there, …

New Yorkers in Favor of Casino Gambling

By : |December 22, 2011|World Gaming News

A new poll shows that New Yorkers are all in for casino gambling. The survey conducted by the the Quinnipiac University showed 64% of state voters and 65% of city voters favored Atlantic City or Las Vegas style casinos in New York including table games and casino slots. The poll found that 68% were in favor of such casinos, claiming it would be good for the state’s economy while only 31% were opposed to legalized …

Obama’s Devotion for the Middle Class

By : |December 7, 2011|World Political News

Definitely no over-spending or playing online slots over the Christmas period for the middle class in the US as times are still hard. President Barack Obama has lashed out at the distorting inequality stalking America, saying the middle class struggle to secure a decent life. “This isn’t just another political debate. This is the defining issue of our time,” Obama said. Obama condemned Republicans in Washington who have rejected raising taxes on millionaires to pay …

Extreme Weather Conditions on the Rise

By : |November 21, 2011|World Political News

According the a UN Scientist, extreme weather conditions are likely to worsen across the globe this century as the Earth’s climate warms. An increase in heat waves along with heavier rainfall, more floods, stronger cyclones, landslides and more intense droughts are to be expected. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) urges countries to put in place disaster management plans to adapt to the growing risk of extreme weather induced by climate change which …

Will the rescue package help the Euro?

By : |October 31, 2011|World Political News

With so much uncertainty in the air, many are unsure what will happen next and that fear can be seen in the financial markets. The first days after European governments agreed to a Euro rescue package markets rose and were happy that some kind of agreement was reached. Now they are down again. Fears are persisting. Especially countries like Italy fuel the crisis. Italy’s cost of borrowing rose to new highs this week, after the …

Las Vegas on the Decline?

By : |October 25, 2011|World Gaming News

Las Vegas has struggled in recent years and is not the world’s biggest gambling capital anymore. It has been surpassed by Macau. The Asian city is at the forefront of investments by famous casino groups like MGM and Wynn. Many have lost their jobs in Las Vegas. Restaurants and casinos have closed down or never opened. With the US market struggling and possibly sliding back into recession, the coming year is not looking much better. …

Online Gambling and the Law

By : |October 7, 2011|World Gaming News

We have written about this topic a few times already, but many questions are still unanswered. Is it good that online gambling which includes playing at an online casino and sport betting online is illegal or would it be better to legalize online gambling? In the US latest casino reviews has been prohibited since many years but the number of gamblers has not actually declined as studies show. Instead people now play at online casinos …