Is the Airbus A380 really that different?

By : | July 14, 2010 | World Political News Hour

When Singapore Airlines first started flying the Airbus A380 in 2007, it was still a big question mark whether the aircraft would be a hit with passengers.

Early indications were that the plane was a huge success in terms of passenger comfort and after nearly three years in service, routes that have the A380 are at near capacity.

Just last month, Emirates Airlines placed a mammoth order for 32 more Airbus A380s worth more than $10 billion — the airline will have 90 super jumbos in total. Other airlines like Qantas, Lufthansa and Air France also fly the A380 on some of their most lucrative routes.

But, is the Airbus A380 really worth all the fuss? Are passengers really willing to switch airlines or choose different routes just to be able to fly on the super jumbo? On a flight onboard one of Singapore Airlines’ newest A380s from London to Singapore, passengers would soon find out.