Possible 2nd Casino in Victoria

By : | September 3, 2010 | World Political News

The state government of Victoria has set up a committee to look at plans for a new Casino. The Casino and hotel complex is suppose to overlook the river Murray and will include a convention center and a spa. Some are opposed against the construction of a second casino since it may increase problem gambling and crime rates. For the government it is a good source of income, since taxes for gambling operations are high.

Many countries are looking to open up more casinos to increase their tax revenues, they are even targeting now online casinos and sport betting operators. With limited access to land-based casinos and an increase in internet availability many prefer to play at a casino online which in turn offers usually good promotions. This including no need to book accommodation and travel arrangements makes playing at an online casino cheaper than playing at a land-based one. So will Victoria really need a 2nd casino and if will it meet revenue targets?