World Political Highlights Of 2010

By : | December 9, 2010 | World Political News

The political spotlight of the world in 2010 was still all about the global financial recession and the conflicts in the Middle East. There was also a new threat to global security in 2010 with that being North Korea.

In the United States, while President Barack Obama was still trying to help the country through the recession, good news came in the form of troop withdrawal from Iraq and the President setting a timeline to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The President was able to pass a form health reform legislation during the year.

International security was a big political issue during 2010 as several bomb plots were foiled; one at Times Square in NYC and another from a young man flying from Holland to the United States. North Korea has threatened bombing South Korea to the dismay of the United Nations and the world political front. Restrictions have been threatened on the country if they plan on going through with a nuclear weapons program.