New Developments on US Gambling laws

By : | January 31, 2011 | World Political News

New Jersey could become the first state in the US which allows online gambling. A bill considering a legalization has passed the state assembly and moved on for committee consideration. The bill proposes to open up online gambling for land-based casinos situated in Atlantic City and would only allow people from New Jersey to play. It is one measure on how the state government is proposing to improve Atlantic City’s dire situation. In 2006 the US banned online casino and sport betting operators from offering their products but moves are being made to reverse this ban.

In Europe several countries have started to open up to online gambling, regulating and taxing the industry. UK casino online and sport betting operators are making good profits and offering a decent choice to casino fans. Many are also offering a casino bonus and different promotions, making playing at an online casino, such as, a good option.