Microbe Helps in Cleaning Oil Spill

By : | April 12, 2011 | World Political News

Scientists at the center of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that happened a few months back have detected the presence of a new type of microbe that is slowly cleaning up the oil. The microbes seems to be flourishing in that environment. Researchers said that the microbes are working by depleting the presence of oxygen in water. They were hoping that these Microbes will be able to do quite a bit of the clean up work, but newest studies found that there is still a substantial amount of oil on the ocean floor. One of the researchers suggested that the microbes might have adapted to the condition because of the periodic oil leaks in the water. Otherwise, the microbes thrive in cold water with a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius.

The oil spill which happened last year was the biggest the US has seen so far and has destroyed many livelihoods along the Louisiana coast line. Clean up efforts are still under way and the government says that most oil has already disappeared. Scientists disagree with this statement since there is still a lot of oil on the ocean floor.