Sport Betting under Pressure

By : | April 26, 2011 | World Political News Hour

Over the years sports betting has become hugely popular. Many are betting on soccer, cricket, rugby etc. Lately it is also possible to bet on outcomes during a game, i.e. when a goal happens in soccer or no-balls in cricket. Since sports betting is such a big business many are keen to step in and win. Over the last couple of months allegations have sprung up that outcomes of games have been fixed by betting syndicates.

The scandals in cricket are just one of those examples, there have been incidences in soccer as well as in the Australian NRL. This is obviously very bad for the sports involved and also for the fans and spectators. Why going to a match if the outcome is pre-determined? If more betting scandals will be uncovered, many might turn away from their favorite teams and gamble in other ways.

Playing at a casino online might be a good alternative especially since many casinos are offering a good online casino bonus to get started. It has to be seen what the outcome of these match fixing scandals will be, but who knows how many games are actually already fixed and how many are not, maybe they are just scraping the iceberg by now.