Online Gambling and the Law

By : | October 7, 2011 | World Gaming News

We have written about this topic a few times already, but many questions are still unanswered. Is it good that online gambling which includes playing at an online casino and sport betting online is illegal or would it be better to legalize online gambling? In the US latest casino reviews has been prohibited since many years but the number of gamblers has not actually declined as studies show. Instead people now play at online casinos which are located overseas and are at risk of using unsecure payment methods and playing in a non-regulated environment. Other countries have shown that proper legalization can have benefits which of course include the extra tax revenues received as well as having a better overview of what is happening in the industry. This can help to protect players against fraud as well as give more help when gambling becomes a serious issue. The UK has legalized online sport betting and online casinos since a few years and is going well with it.