Extreme Weather Conditions on the Rise

By : | November 21, 2011 | World Political News

According the a UN Scientist, extreme weather conditions are likely to worsen across the globe this century as the Earth’s climate warms. An increase in heat waves along with heavier rainfall, more floods, stronger cyclones, landslides and more intense droughts are to be expected.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) urges countries to put in place disaster management plans to adapt to the growing risk of extreme weather induced by climate change which is likely caused by humans.

The IPCC report says it is virtually certain that increases in the frequency and magnitude of warm daily temperature will occur in the 21st century on the global scale. A 1-in-20 year hottest day is likely to become a 1-in-2 year event by the end of the 21st century in most regions.

This report is certainly an eye opener and we should definitely try to reduce our greenhouse gas emission as much as we can by making some small changes to our daily routine such as taking the bus to go to work, have a 5minute shower instead of ten or perhaps play online casino on your computer instead of watching TV on a huge plasma screen which, as you probably already know requires a lot of energy to run. Plus, you would save on your electricity bill!